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Should I take the CKA exam before or after doing the e-learning for LFS261 (DevOps)?

I know the order of the bootcamp has it where the kubernetes fundamentals study comes before the DevOps study. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like most of the items for the CKA exam are covered in Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258). Are there things on the exam that are covered by LFS261 (DevOps)? I just finished (LFS258). So do I go ahead and study and prepare for the CKA exam and take it, or do continue on with LFS261 and then study and prepare for the CKA exam?


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,756

    The order of the courses and exams outlined in the boot camp is a suggested path, but you can carve your own path to complete the boot camp. Since you just finished LFS258 and the information is fresh, it might be a good idea to practice, study and prepare for the CKA exam and go for it.

  • Thank you @fcioanca for your input. It makes sense to me. Has anyone else gone this route?

  • Hi @timothyaw !
    Did you take your CKA? Did you go through DevOps SRE before?


  • timothyaw
    timothyaw Posts: 14

    Hello GreeG, yes I've taken the CKA. I decided to wait until afterward taking the exam. I'm doing the DevOps course now. It's definitely the best way IMO


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