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RE: LFCS exam.

I am enrolled in Cloud Engineer Bootcamp and I thinking about taking the first exam (LFCS). does completing LFCS 101/LFCS201 cover the topics which are asked in LFCS exams or should I also complete Networking module as well. Networking module is taking more time and there are limited number of ways I am able to learn and practice.

can anyone guide me to a sample exam which can be taken beforehand.


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    Roughly speaking, LFS101x on edx.org (or equivalent) + LFS201 are designed to be sufficient for LFCS. For LFCE you also need the experience or equivalent of LFS211. The more practice and sidebar learning you get before taking LFCS, however, the better experience you are likely to have with the exam (for which you get a free retake). As far as practice exam questions etc, please consult the certification documentation at training.linuxfoundation.org.

  • How does one go about booking a date for the LF Sys Admin exam?

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