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Typos and notes about Chapter 3


I'm just redoing the network course and am glad to see the additions. But I also noticed some typos or copy errors:

Layer 2: Advanced Configuration

"Additional Layer 2 address may be added to an adapter added through the use of MACVlan;"... - it's a little incomprehensible, at least to me.

VEPA (Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator)

"Instances can talk to each other through external hardware, can talk external."

openSUSE, CentOS and Ubuntu Configurations

At least on Ubuntu 18.04 server edition, resolvconf is not installed and the /etc/network/interfaces file is empty. The basic network configuration is normally done under /etc/netplan which contains .yaml files that determine the configuration. The yaml file also determines whether to use systemd-networkd (netplan) or NetworkManager to handle the network configuration. To activate NetworkManager, one would edit for example the /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml file and change the renderer to NetworkManager.

netplan Administrator Interface

"Many examples in /usr/share/doc/netplan.io/examples"

On Ubuntu 18.04 server the location is /usr/share/doc/netplan/examples

It's all minor stuff and I'm glad the networking course has been expanded (although it means I have to learn even more...).


  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    Thank you for pointing these issues out.

    The layer 2 advanced configuration , the english on VEPA needs improving. The point here was that all communication eiher between VM nodes or external systems must pass through an 802.1Qbg switch.

    Network configuration for openSUSE,CentOS and Ubuntu: Netplan is specific to Ubuntu. The resolveconf package is specific to Ubuntu and optional. Generally we stick to tools that are common across the three main distributions, netplan adds a unique layer to the network configuration. Since netplan is the default on Ubuntu and we wish to use Network Manager directly, the netplan configuration is explored. To disable netplan rename the /etc/netplan directory to anything else and netplan-generate will not run and Network Manager can be configured directly.

    netplan Administrator interface, you are correct, wrong directory.

    Thank you for the input

  • heiko_s

    Thanks for the explanations, Lee. Now it makes sense.
    I didn't know that renaming the /etc/netplan folder automatically activates NetworkManager - have to try that out.

  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    Actually netplan is just a configuration generator. You may select systemd-networkd or NetworkManager within the netplan configuration.


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