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Introducing Myself


Hi All,

My name is Slim Shady, and I am new to programming and essentially Linux in General.

If your 18 you'd call me an old man; and if your 35 probably a young one.

All in all, I have been motivated to take this course because it is free!; well free in cost; not free of time.

I have decided to invest the time because I do believe there is more ethics to Linux than Windows or MacOS etc..

I am hoping to get involved in developing some cool stuff into Linux; most of all I like security.

So once I've gone through the basics thats probably what I'll get into.

Nice to meet you all!

!Any materials that anyone could suggest(free or cheapish) that I could read that would be good for understanding the Linux Kernel. I am a fan of images and 3D models; so If I can picture a driver in 3D; it would really help me understand it better. Youtube links etc.. are very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading.



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