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"Firewall" between training team and exam team


Over the years, do you think that, that policy/rule is beneficial for the students and the fame of the LF certifications?

I took the exam today. I believe i failed and i just wait for the official results so i can re-schedule it. I didn't have all the answers and i also messed up my time management.

But i have to say, that there where plenty of times where i wondered "What in the ... is this?"

Some questions are on the edge of the "system engineering" spectrum. And some exist just for consuming your time.

You have access to the man pages for sure (brain memory is limited), but you only have 2 hours in total.

Anyway, looking forward for round 2!


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    Course designers (of which I am one, but not for this course) pay attention to the domains listed in the certification information, but we do not actually see the exams as part of our work. (the firewall does leak when an exam designer has certification on the exam, which is what you would expect in most cases, but they don't see things as they develop in time for example, or the different choices of questions that might come up). I do send feedback to exam designers like -- "this is in the list of topics but the description is so broad it is useless to students, can you be more specific" or "this is such a big task it cannot be done within hours probably much less minutes", but I have no control over what they do.

    the firewall makes it easier for companies and organizations to construct their own training, so you do not have to take that from the LF to prepare for the exam. We don't always like the products from such "competitors" but it is a good thing that people are not locked into us. It means your certification is more generally useful. Some competitors teach only the exam; we really really don't do that. We want to make sure you are getting the skills not just passing the exam.

    Not passing the first time is very common, my impression is most people pass by the second time. You do not need 100 percent to pass so if there is something you know you don't know and you manage your time well, success is still an option :wink:

    Good luck!


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