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Just finished LFS201

Hello there,

I enrolled to cloud engineer bootcamp on July and I just finished LFS201. That was huge and many details to be sure to understand.
What a great course, I wish I could complete it faster but... Here I am (even if I did not have time to complete all lab sadely, at least the one I never experienced before!).
Reviewing next steps I saw that I shoudl complete the "Begin to prepare for your LFCS certification exam"... What it is exactly? I was going to read the LFS211 (Linux Networking and Administration), but if there is something to do before I prefer to be sure :)



  • Hi @GreeGTheGeek,

    According to the study plan, after completing LFS201, the natural progression is LFS211 followed by the LFCS certification exam. Since an exam depends on many variables - signing up, scheduling, logistics, and domain requirements, that is probably just a reminder that you should start preparing for the exam. In doing so, it would help to explore the LFCS exam page to find answers for "what", "when", "where", "how" type questions you may have about the cert exam.


  • Hi @chrispokorni ,

    Thanks for your reply, I will then start the LFS211 (hope to finish sooner than LFS201 :sweat_smile: ) and then go for exam :no_mouth: !

    Good luck to all!


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