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Question 17.1


Question 17.1

Which files need to be kept in /boot for a particular kernel version to boot (exact names will include the version)? Select all answers that apply.

a. vmlinuz
b. System.map
c. initramfs
d. config

As soon as you click on one answer the system won't accept any other selection for that question thus it won't be possible to select a.) and c.) which should be the correct answers. But only one which will be squared in green,, as a correct answer.

Also the system would count the answer correct even if you could only select one answer ...


Best Answer


  • PFG
    PFG Posts: 34

    Thank you, Flavia: it now works.

    But I still have problems with videos, a previously reported ... Now I'm using a different PC, in a different Department at the University.
    Further notice I do not have an antivirus software installed apart form the default software by Microsoft Windows Security/Defender ... Can you help/suggest anything?

    Thank you very very much indeed!

    Paolo Giannini

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,938

    Hi Paolo,

    Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the video behavior on our end. The platform developers were also unable to reproduce it. Have you tried accessing the course from a different computer, outside the university, using a different network?




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