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Question 16.3

Hello there, sorry to bother but I can't understand what's going on with Question 16.3: either answers are given as wrong ...

Sincerely yuors

Paolo Giannini

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  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    you are being vague. Nothing wrong with the question and the answer is right. Just try what it says. Next time explain your problem please :wink: )

  • PFG
    PFG Posts: 34

    Hello there.

    Once again sorry to bother you.

    Read your answer. Tried the quiz again and again got the same result.

    Question 16.3
    If file does not exist, which command will produce an error?
    a. ln file file2
    Your Answer
    b. ln -s file file2

    Wheter you choose a.) which should be the correct answer or b.), the system would say that: 'Your answer X' marked in red and count it as a wrong answer.

    I apologize for my previous interevntions, I'm a newbie of a certain age, non mother tongue, with no experience at all with forums and very little experience with Linux ... But now I'm confident I'm right, at this is what happens on my side.


  • PFG
    PFG Posts: 34

    Thank you, Flavia: it now works.


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