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Lab 7.1 Why curl on LoadBalancer:NodePort doesn't work ?

I have a question. Why I can't connect to my LoadBalancer IP with the nodeport ?

NAME         TYPE           CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP      PORT(S)        AGE    SELECTOR
deploy       LoadBalancer   80:31335/TCP   3d     app=deploy
kubernetes   ClusterIP       <none>           443/TCP        30d    <none>
nginx        ClusterIP    <none>           443/TCP        26d    app=nginx
registry     ClusterIP   <none>           5000/TCP       26d    app=registry
secondapp    LoadBalancer   80:32000/TCP   112s   example=second

curl works but not curl ?


  • Hi @SebastienDionne,

    The NodePort is designed to work with the Node/Host IP, as it is a Port of the Node. An external LB may be able to listen on the port with the same value as the nodeport, but that may require additional configuration of the LB.


  • thanks


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