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Using Kind to complete the labs



I just started this course and I was wondering if I could run the labs locally. I found that you can setup a local cluster with multiple nodes using Kind (I had only used minikube until now, which is a single node).

Is there any issue with the labs using this approach? I also found how to create a Kind cluster with Calico Networking


  • SebastienDionne

    I used Vagrant for my setup. Works perfectly so far

  • chrispokorni

    Hi @axelgd,

    The labs have not been tested on KIND, but feel free to give it a try. Keep in mind, however, that some lab exercises may not work as described, and/or may produce different results on KIND. The labs worked successfully on GCP GCE, AWS EC2, VirtualBox, and VMware. You may find posts in the forum on attempts to run labs in different environments, with documented challenges and possible respective solutions.

    The lab manual is presenting the exercises completed on GCE instances. For other lab environments setup steps may be slightly different.

    Minikube is known to bootstrap a single node cluster, but it recently introduced support for multi-node clusters - which is still an experimental and unstable feature.

    Good luck!


  • axelgd

    Thank you for the responses. I'll give kind a try and see how it goes :+1:

  • gbarquero

    @SebastienDionne , can you share your Vagrant file?


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