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Hello all,
I've got the problem how to do the lab12.1 Can anybody explain step by step how to perform and check. As for an author who creates this lab pls re-write the whole lab !
1. Step 2.
What do you mean "CLIENT" . What must be done after creating my own ACL ? Any example pls
2. Step 3.
What does "examplenetwork" mean ? Is it the name of the ACL which must be created in step 2 ?
3. Step 6.
-->> Configure a web browser to use your new proxy? What does it mean ? How to do it ? I configure the httpd several lessons again.
--> Visit to good and non-existent URL. As far as I know DNS manages this case. I've not got DNS-reply for the non-existent URL. that's why I cannot go to the URL. Anyway let me know what I can do here -- how to check....

Thank you


  • AlexeyBY

    I've asked Google and performed the lab. There are some simple mistakes inside labs. I suggest correcting in the future.
    Thank you

  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    Thank you for your input.

    It seems the URL "www.foxnews.com" is now using https and will not work with our lab. Use "www.cbc.com" instead.

    Squid refers to systems using the proxy as "clients".

    Yes the aclname used in the exercise is "examplenetwork"

    Accessing a nonexistent web sit should return a "squid error" if the proxy is configured correctly.

    Regards Lee


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