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LFS264 - Lab updates with new lab environment requirements (10.08.2020)



We have updated the lab exercises for this course. In the process, we had to move the OPNFV lab from Google Cloud Platform to Microsoft Azure. The reason for the change is that the Fraser release of OPNFV, that was used so far, has been end-of-life'd and the repo has been removed. As a result, we had to move to OPNFV Iruya, the latest release. Unfortunately, the OPNFV Iruya scenario requires a kernel version that is only available on Azure but not on GCP. We regret the inconvenience. Incidentally, Microsoft offers free Azure credits worth $200 to new accounts. This should sufficiently cover the labs costs.

All of you have been given access to the Azure image already with the email that you provided originally, so you should be able to proceed with the lab. If your Microsoft Azure account is linked to a different address than the one you originally provided, please complete the Google Form available in the course.

Thank you for your patience while we worked to solve this.

The Linux Foundation Training Team


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