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Cost/Alternative LAB Setup


Please I will like to know the average cost of the LAB environment in GCP preferably daily.

Or is there a minimal LAB that can be used? If yes, kindly provide a reference docs that can be used to set this up.

Is there a provision to use alternative cloud providers like AWS?


  • I also would be happy if there was some more clarify with regards to the costs related to the lab work.
    Some other companies that offer training for CKA -exam often provide for an included lab environment.
    I am not necessarily biased completely agains used the GCP or AWS free tier, however the feeling that the costs are somewhat unclear and you cannot really (as by design AWS and Google want you to spend -even accidently for their resource, there is no such thing as free cake.....) prevent costs coming up in worst case.

  • The lab documents mention the cost of GCP machines/hour.


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