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Internet gateway to use remote IP


I am planning to build a small Linux internet gateway infrastructure that I can use to connect to the company network from anywhere with a specific IP address.

Unfortunately, the Windows Laptop provided by the company is configured to connect to the company VPN automatically if the notebook gets network. There is no way to change this behavior.

So I would like to have a small PC on my side that connects to the local internet (anywhere I am), then it establishes a connection between this local PC and my other endpoint in Europe, and shares the "remote" endpoint via a DHCP server. After that when I connect my laptop to this box, it gets internet from this box (not from the local wifi). And because the other side of my gateway PC is connected to a European network, my laptop connects to the company with IP from Europe.

I know Linux, I use it daily basis, but I am not a network admin/security guy, so my knowledge is not enough deep to build these two boxes.

Could you please put me in the right direction and tell me what kind of services I need to install/configure on both sides? I think that I just need some high-level guide I order to I can start to work on these machines.


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