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Excercise 3.1: Install Kubernetes


Good day

I'm planning to install the Kubernetes Engine on-premises using VirtualBox VM and the Lab 3.1 instructions on page 1 indicates that I would require a .pem or .ppk file to access the nodes and each cloud provider will have a process to download or create this file. Since this is a local installation, the instructions indicate If attending in-person instructor led training the file will be made available during class by providing the "node" IP address.
I just want to be sure if that information is available and where it can be found, or what must be done in order to install Kubernetes engine locally.

Thanks for your time
Alex Breedy


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,190

    Hi @abreedy,

    The Overview section of exercise 3.1 lists examples of environments requiring the pem or ppk files - they are for remote access to cloud VMs, such as AWS or GCP. On VBox you can work without those key files.

    Please read carefully the Overview section as it presents key details for configuring the environment, networking, CPU, RAM, storage, and OS.

    On VBox you may run into IP conflicts between the VM IP addresses and the Kubernetes Pod IP addresses. VBox uses the IP range for VM IPs, and the Kubernetes Pod network plugin uses the same range by default. I recommend making necessary changes before bootstrapping your cluster in order to avoid such IP address conflicts.



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