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Lab 15 - Unable to submit transactions


I have a weird error when sumitting offerForSale transaction. It says that the function is unknown
2020-09-17T09:33:50.366Z - warn: [DiscoveryEndorsementHandler]: _build_endorse_group_member >> G0:0 - endorsement failed - Error: unknown function name: offerForSale, expected one of {offerForSale, placeBid, closeBidding, listBids, listLotsForSale, listSoldLots, listWithdrawnLots}

I verified that the name of the function of the code is correctly written and that every thing is ok. Does any one have an idea on what might be the problem?

Thank you


  • IlyaPatotski


    Have you checked if the function is processed by Invoke in the chaincode?

    func (cc *BlindAuction) Invoke(stub shim.ChaincodeStubInterface) pb.Response {
        if function == "offerForSale" {
            return cc.offerForSale(stub, args)

    If everything is fine with this, try to shut the network down and clean docker volumes and suspicious images (e.g., dev-peerx-...), then restart the network and perform the same workflow once again.

    Best regards,


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