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Jenkins Behind Firewall

The instructor offers a simple solution for running Jenkins behind a firewall, scan the repo.
Thats probably fine, but you might find yourself waiting on your API quota.

Smee offers fantastic solution!

Here's an example alias I use in my .bashrc file to start Smee along with Jenkins.
I've been using docker-compose from the start of the course, but if you haven't learned that yet just replace the part before && with the command you use to start/stop Jenkins!

alias jenkinsUp='docker-compose -f ~/Jenkins/config/docker-compose.yml up -d && screen -d -m -S "smee" smee --url https://smee.io/YoUrPaThHeRe --path /github-webhook/ --port 8080'

alias jenkinsDown='docker-compose -f ~/Jenkins/config/docker-compose.yml down && screen -X -S "smee" quit'



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