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Lab 3 caveat


In Lab 3, under the section "Creating a sample application," when you go to https://start.spring.io/, be certain to select Java 8 (it defaulted to Java 11, for me). I also selected Spring Boot version 2.1.16, the oldest available, since that was the version shown in the video. If you don't, like I did the first time, the Java compilation will fail with errors. If you use Java 8 and Spring Boot 2.1.16, it works just like the video.


  • luisviveropena

    Hi @KevinCSmallwood , many thanks for the information! It will be very useful for new students.


  • gouravshah

    @KevinCSmallwood I am going to try it again by updating the environment with newer version of jenkins image (resulting in new Java version) and then give this a go. Will update the instructions accordingly. However, as a rule of thumb, please use whichever version works in your current environment as things keep on getting updated.


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