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Network connection names convention


I'm doing my training, and configuring a virtual machine with centos I discovered the connection is not enabled by default, so not a problem, just I check the connection status with:

$ nmcli d

and change later the settings with:
$ nmtui

But also (of course) it's possible to configure directly in /etc/.../

My question is about the network connection names, there is some convention to that? by default my centos can create a network connection like enps03, but what about if I want to use a different name? some recomendation or a standard convention for that?

Thanks a lot!


  • coop
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    Chapter 35 has a section on PNIDN (Predictable Network Interface Names) which explains this. You can have the name based on the BIOS, the PCIE slot, the physical or geographical hardware connection location, incorporating the MAC address or the old-fashioned numeration like eth0, eth1 etc. I believe enps02 is the physical connection, I'm not sure.

    It is possible to control all this. See (https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/)

    With a little research you can find ways to disable the whole thing or make a different choice. There are good reasons for having this as the order that network devices are brought up can be weird these days. You could always force a name by tying to a MAC address in a file in /etc/, but thew new scheme (which is a systemd thing) makes it easier once you get used to it. However, typing in these names can be a royal pain of course.

  • nicolasmendoza
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    Aah lol, you're right!, Every week I discover that a new chapter has the answer to some of my questions, and recently just I'm in chapter 17 about the Filesystem feature :smile: Thanks for all the information and suggestions!.


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