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I did the exam.

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I took the exam today and I made too many rookie errors. It's a defo fail for sure. I'll be lucky to get 50%. At least I have a 2nd attempt and I know were I went wrong so I have two more weeks to improve my weeks points and hopefully I can do a better show next time.

Wish me luck.


  • Hi all.

    I got 44% :( . But on the positive side I just found out that a pass is 66%. I had always thought it was 75%. So I just need to improve by 20% and I know where in the exam I messed up, so I have two weeks to work on that. Also, I think I can gain 5% just through being more familiar with the exam and how the containers work - I forgot to reboot some containers after setting things up plus I saved at least one question in the wrong folder.

  • WarrenUK
    WarrenUK Posts: 72
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    Hi all.

    I did the retake. I did better than the first time but I don't know if it is enough but whether I have the 22% I am not sure. I missed out a few questions that I didn't know. I had a question on docker and if I had answered that I would have been confident but my mind went a blank and the docker man pages are pretty bad - they have no examples that I could see.

    So in the words of Indiana Jones - "This could be close!"

  • @WarrenUK fingers crossed...

  • nicolasmendoza
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    I will take my certification exam on November 8... :'( ...
    Good luck in your retake @WarrenUK !

  • Hi @WarrenUK
    How did the exam go?

  • @WarrenUK I would definitely recommend going through the hands-on labs provided by the official Docker website to get familiar with them


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