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Authorization required for Certification and Confidentiality Agreement



I have a problem accessing the resource "Certification and Confidentiality Agreement" which was linked to on the web page https://docs.linuxfoundation.org/tc-docs/certification/lf-candidate-handbook/candidate-requirements .

The link in question on that page is the URL
https://app.gitbook.com/@lfdocs/s/global-agreement/ .

An account is required and after having logged in, the problem seems to be that this resource is restricted. At least I get the http response containing the page title 'Access Denied' and a message saying the following:

'This space is private
You are not a member of the LF Documents organization, or you don't have permissions to access this space.
Want in? Ask a LF Documents administrator to grant you access, or log in with another account.'

I do not know how or where to find an LF Documents administrator to request access (I hope I will find one here) , but shouldn't this page be available without individual authorization beforehand ?

Thank you in advance!



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