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Correct way to close a LUKS partition?

WarrenUK Posts: 72
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I was going over LUKS again prior to my exam and I closed it following the course notes. When I went to format the USB stick with fdisk, after pressing 'w' to write the changes it asked me for a password for LUKS but there was no terminal to type it in. I had to CTRL-C to close out of fdisk.

It said something along the lines of 'password entry required for 'Please enter passphrase....'

I am zeroing the USB stick now so hopefully that will work.


  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 1,086
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    Hi @WarrenUK ,

    You can use "crypsetup luksClose ", where is the string you used to name the device when opening it with "cryptsetup luksOpen ".

    You can check the man page for crypsesetup(8) for more details.



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