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Plot Network Graph and add edge weights to network edges python


I am trying to plot the network Graph with a sample data as below:-
From To Density
0 A B 296
1 B C 258
2 C D 296
3 D E 274
4 E F 272
5 F G 195
6 G H 286
7 H I 257
8 I J 204
9 J K 66
I want to add the Density number on the python edges like how many times A to B has been done and the same goes to rest. Each edge should be having the Density number.

I have seen some of the solutions where the width of the edges is increased but that didn't work in my case as i have 3 digit numbers for Density. I am really new to this and some help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance


  • spgreenberg

    I believe you have the wrong forum. This is the forum for Cloud Foundry for Developers.


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