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AMD APU Drivers



So I recently bought an Acer Swift 3 laptop [1] with an AMD Ryzen 4500 APU, and there are no linux graphics drivers. I tried asking AMD, but I got told to ask the laptop manufacturer or the linux forums [2]. I was wondering if there is some sort of solution to this, or if I should return the laptop and get one with a better-supported GPU (if this is the case, would anyone have any reccomendations for laptops around the £700-mark?).


[1] https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-swift-3-14-laptop-amd-ryzen-5-1-tb-ssd-silver-10208152-pdt.html
[2] https://imgur.com/a/KkaMxiE


  • libella

    Hi @hrjkknox,

    If you are facing issues and have such problems with your new laptop, you should return it and get the new one instead of fixing issues. You can look for some of the best amd ryzen laptops here and go with one of them.

  • lobodoe
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    why do you people take AMD when INTEL makes good processors that practically do not heat up and do not make noise? and in Linux there are no problems with them such as with AMD


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