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Chapter 3, Full Virtualization vs. Operating System-Level Virtualization

In chapter 3, Full Virtualization vs. Operating System-Level Virtualization, there is what I believe to be a blatant error in the description of full virtualization. I quote:

The hypervisor emulates hardware such as CPU, memory, storage disk, and networking from the available physical resources of the host system. Then, a guest operating system such as Linux or Windows is installed on top of the emulated hardware.

I would like to emphasize at this point that virtualization and emulation are two completely different things. A hypervisor does not emulate anything at all. A hypervisor provides a virtualized hardware environment for other operating systems to run in. Emulation is only provided by an emulator, such as for example qemu, and has in turn nothing to do with virtualization. Those are two completely different technologies, two completely different concepts, and two completely and entirely different software implementations.


  • coopcoop Posts: 699

    I'm sorry, but I have looked in detail and there is no discussion of Virtualization in Chapter 3 of LFS253. So can you please clarify why what you say is blatant _is in fact quite _invisible. Do you have the wrong course?

    I don't think you have the wrong chapter. Unless you are talking about something in a video introduction or something as I was not going to take the time to listen to everything, but it makes no sense for that to be in Chapter 3 anyway, and I did look at the video in that chapter and it is not there.

    Please give details when you post.

  • Hi @majun,

    Thank you for your feedback. The course shall be revised and any ambiguities in terminology may be clarified where necessary.


  • coopcoop Posts: 699

    hmm. I must have the wrong course version, sorry for the noise

  • majunmajun Posts: 6
    edited August 2020

    @coop You may indeed have the wrong course version. Not sure what yours says in chapter 3 under Full Virtualization vs. Operating System-Level Virtualization, but here's a screenshot of what mine says:

    Hope this helps

    @chrispokorni Thanks for the quick feedback.

  • Hi @majun,

    Please reconsider when posting paid course content in a public forum.

    I would recommend removing the image from your post.


  • coopcoop Posts: 699

    Yes I believe I had the wrong and older version which was rather different. I had access to both and did not realize it. My bad

  • Thank you for your prompt response, @majun.

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