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Getting access to GCP to run labs


Hi there,
sorry if this is not the right place, but I was pointed here by customer support. I've been trying to follow the instructions to do the labs included in the online course slides, which asks you to fill out a form at docs.google.com. However, after a few days I haven't got any reply or communication, so I still do not have access to GCP and have no idea about what the problem might be.

I'd really appreciate any help or assitance on this point, as I'm completely stuck here.

Thank you,
kind regards.


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,935

    Hi @neburiam ,

    You need to have your own GCP account, we do not provide one. The Google form gives you access to the image that you will be using to set up your lab environment. Currently, due to changes upstream, the image is no longer working, and the authoring team is working to create a new one. This is the reason why you have not received access as of yet. They expect to have the new image hopefully by next week, and at that point you will get access to it.

    Thank you for your patience,
    The Linux Foundation Training Team


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