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LFS211 - Section 15 Firewalls

Although I understand the concepts are the same between different firewall applications, I was a little surprised that iptables is used in this lesson over firewall-cmd and ufw.

Is there a future intent to remove (or at least demote) iptables from the course and focus on the newer tools? Or is it the intention to maintain use of iptables for historical purposes, given that the concepts are transferable?


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    I would assume iptables will not be disappearing any time soon, although some might consider it a legacy method. Thus, regardless of improvements with newer approaches, in the field a system administrator will probably have to understand it for quite some time, even if they use firewalld etc when they have a choice. In LFS201 we concentrate on firewalld because it is simpler to get up and running as iptables commands and syntax take longer to learn :wink:


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