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LFS261 DevOps has 0% searchable content and is highly useless in video format

Until you will get a real pro with the DevOps you Will need to search the course for specific content to help with your tasks.
From this point of view, the course is at the moment useless due to the fact that there is no searchable content. There is just a sequence of videos which are hard to follow and useless for effective searching of content. This is the same useless format used on Udemy and sold for very low prices.
Please understand the need to provide a text version of this course LFS261 DevOps just like all the other courses offered by the Linux Foundation.


  • fcioancafcioanca Posts: 805

    @NicolaeIotu Thank you for sharing your input regarding the content delivery method for LFS261. However, we have to keep in mind that there are various types of learning styles, as well as multiple ways to deliver content. What works for you may not work for somebody else, and the other way around, but that does not diminish its value, or make it useless. We will keep this in mind when working on future courses.
    The Linux Foundation Training Team

  • @NicolaeIotu
    The content in the videos is searchable in the PDF labs.
    Have you tried that?

    I don't find the videos hard to follow at all, even at 1.75-2x speed.
    It's nice not to have to scrolling and clicking through the content to read everything.

    All of the courses can be improved, but I for one have enjoyed LFS261 more than the others I have taken.

  • @fcioanca
    I have been skipping ahead to open the PDF for reference while going through the videos.
    I like that there are fewer PDFs with more content compared to some other courses.
    Perhaps if each video page included a link to the PDF material it would help students who are not already keeping a copy open?

    Alternatively, adding the relevant material in HTML would be more useful when copy/paste is required.

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