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Lab 10.4


2.Enable the rsyncd daemon. # systemctl start rsyncd# systemctl enable rsyncd

This doesn't work.
What works is what is stated earlier in the material,

as easy as running the following command:

rsync --daemon

When running as a daemon, rsync will read the /etc/rsyncd.conf configuration file. Each client that connects to the rsync daemon will > force rsync to re-read the configuration. There is no need to restart the daemon when making configuration changes. Most distributions ship systemd files to control rsyncd as a system service. Usually it is included in the rsync package, but may also be split out into rsync daemon package in some distributions.

Only OpenSUSE allowed me to $ systemctl start rsync. Not ubuntu or fedora.

(Yes I appreciate that fault-finding is an integral part of sysadmin, and is part of what attracts me to this, however I shouldn't have to be doing this with the coursework?!)


  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    The systemd files are in the package rsync-daemon on Fedora32. Please install systemd-daemon.


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