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Lab 4.1. Examining Signal Priorities and Execution


Is there any way to check the answers to the extra questions at the end of the lab? Or would anyone mind filling this in for me? I don't want to assume I know the answer. ( I included my answers below) Signals are a little difficult for me to understand, I'm new to sys admin.

If more than one of a given signal is raised while the process has blocked it, does the process receive it multiple times? No
Does the behavior of real time signals differ from normal signals? yes
Are all signals received by the process, or are some handled before they reach it? All signals received by the process.
What order are the signals received in? Some are in mixed order.
One signal, SIGCONT(18 on x86) may not get through; can you figure out why? Is it because the process is already continuing and nothing is stopping it? I'm really unsure about this one.



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