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Need a distro recommendation for Dell Latitude E6420

shreehar Posts: 2
edited August 2020 in Linux Distributions

Hi Everyone. I recently got a refurbished Dell Latitude E6420 for free.
The specs of the laptop are i5 2520M, 8GB RAM single channel, 500GB HDD, 54Wh Battery.
It has Windows 10 preinstalled. But it is quite buggy(screen flickering at low brightness, random hibernation event 100% or plugged in) and freezes sometimes.
I am planning to learning android app development as well as linux with this laptop. I also need to develop an app since i recently won "Best Idea" award at a local Hackathon for my app idea,..so i want develop an app based on that idea now,..
I had experiences with Ubuntu in the past,..but i am not sure which distro would be suitable for my needs right now,..
Please help me out with your suggestions,..Thank You


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