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Lab 3.2 - Is `ipcs` still relevant for systems that implement systemd?


I'm not sure if I'm interpreting the question in Lab 3.2 correctly but it reads like ipcs is specific to SystemV systems.

If systemd is the successor to SystemV does the ipcs command return the expected values when used on a systemd environment?

My reading of this Stack Overflow question- ipcs(1) posix equivalent to system-v is that these metrics are best viewed using the psuedo-files.

Is that correct or is ipcs still the best approach for systemd?

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  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
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    ipcs is not dead. While you can configure a Linux system to not use System V IPCat all, I would not advise it as every time I look important constituents such as X and Gnome still use shared memory segments for example. And you will find a lot of applications that still use it. On the day where you find ipcs shows no usage, that will be different.

    Also, please distinguish between System V init and System V IPC. Totally different things and that is where your confusion is coming in. System V is a an entire branch of the UNIX tree, half of it, and there are many things its name is attached to.


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