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how to route traffic through 2nd Linux server ( RHEL 7.6 )


hello everyone,

I have been assigned a task to achieve below routing setup for validation of application.

i have performed following steps and need guidance how i can achieve the routing as expected.

setup consist of 2 network cards on each server
Server 1 contains following IPs
Server 2 contains following IPs ( this is application logic server )

I have configured apache on server 1 to listen on

I am expected to achieve below flow for request -> -> ->

response flow -> -> ->

I am new to Linux networking , hence requesting guidance / help , how I can achieve request and response routing in Linux

I am using below command to request a webpage from Server 1 .
curl --interface
I have configured default GW on server to , so I can see packets on interface but from that point , I do not know what routes I need to configure. on server 2.


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