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Lab 7.3 not working for me.



I'm going through lab 7.3 and you need to make some things more clearer for a beginner like me.

It says ' Create a new host name by adding the original IP address of the server to/etc/hostswith the namenamevhost.example.com.' but you don't show me how to do this in the solution.

It says 'Create a new name based virtual host definition with the namenamevhost.conf in the default configuration directory.' Is this the Apache2 default config directory or another directory?

It says 'Create a new config file with the following contents, replacing the string DOCUMENTROOT with the proper Document-Root for your system'. Is this DOCUMENTROOT /var/www/html or another place??

Then in the next sentence it says 'create new document root folder' - then what root folder did I put in the new config file?

This course (LFS211) reads too much like a refresher than a thorough guide for networking on Linux.


  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    Hello WarrenUK, Thank you for the observations.
    Editing the /etc/hosts file is covered in a previous course, but perhaps we could point out the man 5 hosts for reference.

    The name vhost is the second configuration created in this lab, and resides in the same directory as the previously created ipvhosts .conf file. We will look into clarifying the instructions.

    There may be an opportunity to improve the lab as there could be a disconnect between the lab overview information and the solution steps.

    Thank you for pointing this out.


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