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Lab3: Total disaster


So, I got to Lab3 and it turns out to be total disaster.
Wrong versions described in book, even when for months it is known that certain versions of Fabric are incompatible with new CouchDB.
Downloaded all cointainers with startup.sh again with newest versions of Fabric.
After upgrade it turns out that when I copied parts of docker-compose.yml it had some junkie characters, so issues with connecting to CouchDB (wrong user name and password). Had to retype number o lines.
Now, for whtever reason, genesis.block went off (I guess as a result of startup.sh) and can't recreate it.
I got: ' [common.tools.configtxgen] main -> FATA 001 Missing channelID, please specify it with '-channelID''

Is this really so hard to fix documentation? With labs 90% time goes to troubleshoot shitty written commands and mistakes in labs instead of focusing on Fabric.
This is so junkie that should be given out for free, not as paid course. If that would be in person classroom, I would walkaway and request refund, that's how bad it is. Whoever wrote script for that courseware should not be allowed to touch computer ever again.

How can I proceed now, if I try to re-create everything and it fails with another junkie message ' [common.tools.configtxgen] main -> FATA 001 Missing channelID, please specify it with '-channelID''???


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    Thank you for your helpful commentary. The course maintainer will I am sure respond to them in timely fashion.

  • Paolo Marin

    some here, not sure if this is worth the money I have spent plus is wasting my time and discouraging my learning.
    It would be better off to study\experiment through official documentation - and up skill to version 2.x

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    we would appreciate it if you would not use profanity in your posts, this is not a path to establishing a cooperative relationship. (And a "junkie" is a drug addict). We do not censor posts unless they are clearly spam, so please follow a sensible code of conduct.

    It is known the course requires an update and work is ongoing without an ETA.


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