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Confirmation of identity before the exam - non latin character


I wanted to schedule an exam, but I read a bit about confirming my identity and unfortunately I have a problem. On behalf of I have a letter from outside the Latin alphabet, my name is Paweł, so the problem here is the letter "ł".

From what I found in the description:

"If the Primary ID contains non-latin characters, then the Candidate must also provide a non-expired Secondary ID containing their full name in Latin Characters OR a notarized English translation of their Primary ID along with the non-latin character Primary ID."

I understand that as a primary id I can show my national identity card? The problem is that in the Polish ID card, there is no signature, but I have, for example, a driving license, where is the name, surname, photo and signature.

But as described, I should present as a secondary id, document where there is a first and last name with no letters outside the Latin alphabet. How do I do this, have all the documents where my name is written as "Paweł".

Regards Paweł


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,930

    Please reach out to certificationsupport@linuxfoundation.org, as all exam-related questions should be directed to the support team.

  • pawel33
    pawel33 Posts: 26

    Ok thanks


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