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LFS201 - Chapter XX Discussions // Questions format makes it hard to browse topics

While seeming to be convenient at first, I'm finding this format of catagorising posts into their respective chapters less convenient than the traditional way of creating a discussion with its own title, as you need to read through the thread to find things that might be of interest/relevant. Just thought I'd put that out there.

Knowing how to creat discussions threads, titling them appropriately etc., is a skill in itself.


  • chrisfeig
    chrisfeig Posts: 32

    Also it's worth remembering each course has a forum of its own. I've found answers to questions in those forums without having to create new threads.

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    Personally, since I moderate a lot of the posts and try to answer them, I prefer a title that has the subject in it rather than just a chapter title. However, I feel strongly that posters should point out chapter/section they are speaking of as it helps me evaluate what it is.

    As far as there being two separate forums that was a judgement call. The bootcamp and the usual LFS201 groups are rather distinct. As long as the bootcampers know (as you do) they can access the individual forums (such as LFS201, LFS211, LFS258 etc) they have the best of both worlds. There are discussions in the bootcamp forums that would be useful to LFS201 students as well, but there is not enough bandwidth to really work with that, plut the bootcamp right now is limited time, and LFS201 has been running for quite a few years and been through many revisions.


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