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Hi everybody !! Bonjour tout le monde !! ¡¡Hola a todos!!


Hi everybody !!
I'm Fernando, a spaniard who live in France. I'm a Physics and Chemistry teacher. I want to learn more about Linux. I hear of it from many years ago. But, I only work day to day with this operating system since July 2019, when I was sick of Windows (and the ressources it needs) and I decided to change the operating system. I regret nothing !!
So, I'm ready to learn more and more things !


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    Hi @fersdt , welcome here!

    I remember that many years ago I worked for a bioinformatics center, and all the software was available for Linux. It was so fun and interesting working with it. I'm sure there are software that can be interesting for your work areas.

    Many regards,


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