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Compiling Kernel


Hello everyone, I'm in the chapter 7 of LFD103. I'm stuck in the topic of compiling the kernel.
I've used the command Below
lsmod > /tmp/my-lsmod; make LSMOD=/tmp/my-lsmod localmodconfig

after this I'm prompted some question on the termial
will someone please help me with that. Because if I put a wrong input of Y or N, the upcoming things will be worse for me



  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    As far as I know you don't have to set the LSMOD environment variable if you are compiling on the same machine you are running on, but that is irrelevant to your question.

    Any time you are compling a kernel version that is different than the currently running one, you will be asked such questions for new configuration options. The capitalized response ("Y" or "N") is what you get if you just hit return and get the default. The question mark ("?") will, in most cases, give you some information about the choice. For the most part you can just keep hitting return until the questions stop and take the defaults, although it is a good idea to do it slowly and see what is asked.

    In most cases the questions have to do with new device drivers for new hardware you are unlikely to have so the default will be "N" and you can just roll through.

    This question and answer routine is the same thing you would get if you just typed "make oldconfig"


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