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Lab 3.2 Question.


I am following lab 3.2 and I am using Ubuntu 19.10.

I do not have an 'interfaces' file in /etc/networks folder. I only have 4 folders - if-down.d, if-post-down.d, if-pre-up.d, if-up.d

Should I just created the 'interfaces' file from scratch and add the necessary information?


  • coopcoop Posts: 510

    Lee will answer you but eventually I would just 19.10 in favor of 20.04 LTS. 19.10 was basically 20.04 beta and is not really supported by Ubuntu with any rigor :) THough I doubt this affects your problem.

  • lee42xlee42x Posts: 188

    It is quite possible that the interfaces file is not there. We included a sample interfaces file in the SOLUTIONS directory s_03.

    There are several options in setting up networking on Ubuntu, the older but standard method is to use the interfaces file. NetworkManager will read an existing interfaces file so it is used in the labs. Netplan is another tool to create configuration files for NetworkManager and systemd-networkd , it uses a YAML configutation files in the /etc/netplan/directory.

    Currently the lab exercise uses the interfaces file for network configuration.

    Hope this helps, Lee

  • WarrenUKWarrenUK Posts: 48

    I have just checked on my Raspberry Pi running Debian Buster and the file is there so I can have a play with that.


  • WarrenUKWarrenUK Posts: 48

    In fact I would like to do this on a CentOS system. The only CentOS system I have is on a VM. Will this still work on a VM if I follow the labs?

  • lee42xlee42x Posts: 188

    Yes, an VM is preferred, and if you like we have VM's available for you to download as well.

    The interfaces file can simply be created if it is missing, if that is a stumbling block.

    I have not run the class on a rpi, so I would say "probably works, but NOT tested, or supported at this time"

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