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Bug on knowledge check? Chapter 3


  • idanmel
    idanmel Posts: 3

    I was confused about that too.
    The correct answer is to choose both of them.

  • dolios
    dolios Posts: 4

    I wasn't really confused by the answers more by the question https://forum.linuxfoundation.org/discussion/857091/renice-command-increasement-by-5#latest

    but how I saw it, both set it to 5 since 5 and +5 are both positives.

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    This has come up in a number of forums. The question should have said which will set it equal to 5, not increase it by 5. I believe it has now been corrected (the + sign is implicit and not needed)

  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 1,127


    Yes, that's a bug in the document. We'll change that at next course update. In the thread pointed by @dolios you can find the explanation, and also a way to test renice.

    Many regards,

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    it is already changed AFAIK

  • mstepien
    mstepien Posts: 385

    This question has been corrected. Please clear your cache to see the update.

  • lance78
    lance78 Posts: 1

    I've done the quiz yesterday and it was not corrected.


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