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App runs on local Tomcat instance, but gives 404 on virtual server with identical software and setup


I have a Vaadin and Spring Boot app that runs in the Tomcat instance on a local server. Whenever I deploy it to the Tomcat instance on a virtual server hosted by a provider, it get a 404 and the application log isn't created. There are no errors in any Tomcat logs and Tomcat manager shows the app as running. I've deployed another Vaadin / Spring Boot app to that same Tomcat instance that's just a static html page and it both runs and creates an application log. I've ran the app on an old mac with the same amount of memory as the virtual server just to rule out a memory issue. Both my local server and the virtual server are running Debian with the same versions of Java and Tomcat. The only software difference I'm aware of is my local server is Debian 10 and the virtual server is Debian 9. No other software has been installed except UFW which is disabled. The virtual server has no other firewalls. How do I debug this?


  • bsheely
    bsheely Posts: 2

    I was able to run the app using the embedded Tomcat in Spring Boot. I guess the lesson is don't install Tomcat if you're using Spring Boot.


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