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Concerns about exam platform stability - CKAD


Hi, I have my exam scheduled this week and I came across some slack channels mentioning the CKAD & CKA platform has not been stable recently. Should I be concerned about this? I really want to finish my exam this week. Can someone help on this? Thank you!


  • kowaltzky
    kowaltzky Posts: 1
    edited July 2020

    Hello, can you point me towards the mentioned slack channels? I had my first exam on 26th of June and had some issues with the platform towards the end of the exam. I was given additional time but still the platform was lagging a lot. I got only 58% so I failed and wanted to schedule a retake but the new dashboard page doesnt show my results and doesnt give ability to schedule a retake. I tried to contact the support but they dont respond.


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