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Overview lesson

The default controller for a container deployed via kubectl run is a Deployment.

Is this a misconception ? I mean when a run kubectl run -h, it says: "Create and run a particular image in a pod."
When I run the command it only creates pods, not a deployment. I've tested in kubectl 1.18.x

Deployment Rollbacks lesson

kubectl create deploy ghost --image=ghost --record

This command does not work in kubectl 1.18.x . --record is not a valid option.


  • chrispokorni
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    Hi @turnes,

    Many features of Kubernetes are constantly changing. On this particular slice, both run and record have changed quite a bit.

    run has gone thru several iterations, and as of late it has been limited to create only Pods, while in the past it was capable of creating other resources such as Deployments, Jobs, or ReplicationControllers.

    record has been slowly deprecated. However, it seems that the official documentation and the inline kubectl create -h documentation are still reporting record as a valid option.

    Such slight inconsistencies are expected and are part of working with fast-growing open source technologies such as Kubernetes.

    Whenever in doubt about something, I'd recommend verifying both inline help and official documentation for clarification.



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