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Thoughts on LFCS course and learning process.

startalestartale Posts: 3
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Hello there, i just started learning LFCS course with the Linux foundation and i am very excited to complete the course and do the exam. however, i noticed that there is a lot of slides that contain theory and definitions, while i understand the importance of understanding it, i am under the impression that here in the LF they tend to focus more on practicality,so i was wondering if i should memorize it word by word. example: in 02. LINUX FILESYSTEM TREE LAYOUT there are lot of information that explains the file system directories, as a student do i need to know each category by heart for the exam? i am assuming that understanding and knowing the concepts is enough.


  • luisviveropenaluisviveropena Posts: 544

    Hi @startale ,

    I don't think there is somebody who knows everything. But you need to know where you can find the information in case you don't remember it. So, if you need to know something about /proc, and you don't remember the details, you always can do "man proc" or "man 5 proc", so you can consult the available documentation about it.

    I hope that helps.

    Many regards,

  • coopcoop Posts: 437

    Please keep in mind all LF created certification exams (including LFCS, LFCE, CKA, CKAD) are performance based. i.e., no mulitiple choice, true false, etc. Unlike certain other certification exams we won't mention :) So memorizing trivia is useless. LFS201 has something like 90 practical exercises in it, so it is really the labs you have to work on for the most part. The more you work on practical "doing things" the more you will remember things like where things are on the system etc. Plus you will have full access to a real environment on the exam including man pages etc..

    So concentrate on doing and that will reinforce the concepts. For example, I just kind of know where things are in the filesystem layout (what is in bin, lib, home etc) because I'm all over those places all the time.

  • startalestartale Posts: 3

    Thank you all for the clarification.

  • BupeMvulaBupeMvula Posts: 1

    Well explained guys!

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