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Hi everybody,

I am PhD candidate with knowledge in Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design and 5G cellular networks. I decided to start this course to learn about cloud orchestration. I want to use Kubernetes to implement and control a Laboratory as a Service (LaaS) related to the 5G Cloud-Native / Cloud-Agnostic Radio Access Networks. At the end of this boot camp, I would like to comprehend everything related to the cloud to implement some parts of the 5G cellular system such as the Core and the RAN. Finally, my objective is to design and implement my own private 5G network.

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  • GSQS
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  • amiyapradhan

    Hey IfariZav, Nice to know that you are also working on 5G. I am currently working in 5G but in Access Strartum side. I am working on device certification. I have taken this course recently. Hope you are finding it enjoyful.

  • lfarizav
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    Thank you amiyapradhan, 5G, beyond 5G and 6G networks will implement most of their infrastructure in the cloud. Kubernetes is one of the most important open-source projects to orchestrate those networks. So, it is necessary to get a certification, but above all, it is critical to make them work. I hope you enjoy this Bootcamp as well.


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