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study plan register for CKA exam


I was looking over the study plan and noticed that it says to register for the CKA exam. I am following the course in linear fashion and don't know when I'll get to Kubernetes. I was wondering if there's a reason why the plan suggests registering for this exam in week 1 or if this was a typo meant to reference the LFCS exam.



  • I suppose if you have got the coupon you need to register for the exam using the coupon in 30 days. as the coupon becomes invalid after that. but then you can schedule the exam within the next one year. hope this helps.


  • fxgallo
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    Hi @cstern, It's exactly as noted by @saravanan subramaniapillai: The CKA exam voucher expires in 30 days, so the advisement to register in week 1 is a reminder to do so before missing the opportunity to register via the boot camp-included voucher (for "free") for that exam. However, once registered, you may schedule the CKA exam at a later time, for a later date, up to the 1-year deadline for taking/passing the exam and, thereby, successfully completing the Cloud Engineer Boot Camp. The LFCS exam was auto-registered for us during the boot camp registration and purchase process, and that exam may be scheduled anytime you are ready. The CKA exam may require registration separate from the boot camp sign-up process as Kubernetes is an open-source project hosted by another entity, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), and not by The Linux Foundation.

  • cstearns86

    Thanks, that makes sense.

  • abreedy
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    You should received a exam voucher code in your email when you get registered. That code will be used to buy the CKA exam with no cost at all. I think it has 30 days before the voucher expires.
    Alex Breedy

  • zYzxq46.-mfR

    This is a prominent thread topic.
    An additional follow up question:

    Is the exam rescheduling a straightforward process?

    I see the option to reschedule. Say if I schedule for March 2021 and I want to reschedule for July 2020 because I finished the training material.


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