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Does anyone use Quizlet for studying? I found this premade set for LSF201: https://quizlet.com/_51f6xz?x=1jqt&i=26jom3. I'm not sure how good it is yet...

Chapter 2: https://quizlet.com/282155489/lfs-201-chapter-2-fhs-the-file-hierarchy-standard-flash-cards/
Chapter 3: https://quizlet.com/415691042/lfs-201-chapter-3-processes-flash-cards/
Chapter 4: tbd
Chapter 5: tbd
Chapter 6: tbd
Chapter 7: tbd
Chapter 8: tbd
Chapter 9: tbd
Chapter 10: tbd
Chapter 11: https://quizlet.com/419239840/lfs-201-chapter-11-system-monitoring-flash-cards/


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    This is rather interesting and (depending on how your brain is wired) might be helpful. And as long as they are not copying directly the material there is no licensing problem. However, keep in mind LFCS is a performance-based exam (zero multiple choice, zero true/false questions etc.) these flash cards will not do very much to help prepare for an exam, but they might help one get their details and concepts in better shape. It probably does a lot of good for whomever prepares the flash cards as it is like taking notes and makes things flow through your eyes to your brain to your fingers :)

  • david5MX53G

    Your point about the exam is good. I've taken the LPI Linux admin exam, and that required knowing a ton of commands and associated switches. Drilling on those using flashcards was helpful for me. Your point about actually making the flash cards is important, though. The process of composing the cards is a good way to learn independently of reading them after the fact.


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