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Hello Everyone

Just found the forum, and will be up early for the video zoom to check it out tomorrow, missed the zoom today

My name is Brett, my friends call me Bear

30 Yrs old, out in Portland Oregon, I work at Intel as Hardware Support Tech for CPU Testing/Validation
No college background, just self taught so I thought why not add Linux to the mix, its something I find interesting and could get behind long term along with Open Source.

I am somewhat new to Linux, I use VirtualBox/Ubuntu, don't think I have the $$ for AWS & Digital Ocean, although I do have the 1st
AWS Cloud Practitioner Cert, wooo, I know basic CLI navigation and a few networking commands here and there

I would like to be challenged and could use something to stimulate my mind during these weird times, so here we are

A Kubernetes Certification is also a personal tech goal of mine, along with breaking into Cyber Security at some point in the next few years, shooting for CEH, OSCP or some Penetration Testing / Enterprise Network Defender Cert of some flavor

Good Luck to Everyone
"There are no limits to that which you can accomplish, only the limits you place on your own thinking"


  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 1,151

    Hi @blackbear710 , welcome to the bootcamp! Well, in the open source culture, self taught is valuable, as far as you do good. The certifications will help a lot, for sure. And if you want to be challenged, I think you are in the right place, hehehe.

    Many regards,


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