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Hi there

Hi all,
Australian currently 'stranded' in Sri Lanka here. Using this time to deep dive into some stuff I've long been interested in. Looking forward to becoming more involved in the free/open-source software movement and philosophy.
Back in Aus I was working with machine learning and AI in the materials sciences domain, as well as some NLP.
Also interested in blockchain and distributed/decentralised governance models.
Thank you to the instructors and those involved in putting this bootcamp together.
Looking forward to discussions here and the rest of the courses.


  • luisviveropena
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    Hi @chrisfeig , that souds super interesting! I'm glad you are here. The Linux Foundation is also working in the blockchain move. Have you read information about Hyperledger?

    I hope you enjoy your stay here, regards!


  • chrisfeig
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    Hyperledger looks very interesting Luis. Would be a great to get up to speed with it on top of these cloud engineering topics.

  • Hello My name is Bulent. I am from London, UK. I have been using linux on and off for a few years now Decided to drop windows and brought a second hand laptop and loaded centos 8 on. I am here to learn more about Linux and new technologies. I currently working as a contractor on behalf of HP as a hardware and software engineer for a large finance company in London. I really like to learn new technology and keep one step ahead.

  • luisviveropena
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    Hi @chrisfeig ,

    We are not seeing Hyperledger in this bootcamp, but we have a couple of cources about it:

    Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies (LFS171) (free course):


    Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals (LFD271) (paid):


    Many regards!

  • luisviveropena
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    Hi @bulentozlem , that looks like a very good opportunity to learn IT! It's good you have a laptop for this purpose. For anybody who may be asking him/herself if they need a dedicated laptop for this purpose, the answer is not, we can work with VMs (we provide one for Ubuntu and another for CentOS), and also we'll work with containers.

    Enjoy the bootcamp!



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